Our Merchants

A full-featured gateway that integrates seamlessly with your online business.

We are proud that together with our valuable partners we have added a new milestone to local e-commerce payments.
We help shoppers enjoy an efficient digital shopping experience and also help expand our partners’ geographic reach and ability to accept multiple payment methods.

Our Merchants

A full-featured gateway that integrates seamlessly with your online business.

Access Payment Data in Real-time

Our gateway report is designed for easy access and reconciliation, catered to your business needs and time preferences.
You no longer need to extract data to perform reconciliation activities or coordinate with the banks individually.
With our system, you can generate your payment summary reports straightaway.

Total Protection

Our platform complies with the latest, most comprehensive worldwide financial services guidelines.
Our payment solutions include an integrated, robust and proactive fraud mitigation engine that tracks fraudulent payments and activities in real-time.
We meet the rigorous standards set out by the likes of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
This ensures that you and your customers are protected from e-commerce fraud.


FawryPay provides you with a detailed E-statement that shows the full details of all your customers’ transactions through various payment methods anytime.

SMS Tracking System

FawryPay offers you the SMS tracking system that allows you to know how many short messages are delivered to recipients.

Manual Orders

FawryPay manual orders solution allows you to place your customer’s order manually if someone requested.

Analytical Reports

FawryPay comes in to rescue its merchants by providing frequent analytical reports to review their data, helping them identify and understand their customers’ problems and increase revenue.

FawryPay advanced reports provide merchants with:
  • A summary of all financial transactions showing order details such as: customer name, date, delivery status, address, courier, etc.
  • Sales by payment methods that show number of sales by FawryPay outlets, credit cards and manual payments.
  • Sales by product report that clarifies the best-selling products.
  • Sales by month that shows number of orders placed in each month.
  • Sales by customer reports that ranks your loyal customers in accordance with their number of purchases.
  • User management and permissions that enables merchants to set roles and manage which reports to be seen.

Increase sales conversion rate

We aim to provide a simple way for you to get paid across multiple payment options as