Event builder

Make your event a remarkable one in the market

FawryPay can help you in creating your event in a glimpse of an eye; whether this event is for a restaurant, cinema, concert, conference, etc.

Seat Map

Easily create tiered pricing per row, section or per seat.
Optimize your pricing and stay on top of every ticket sale.
Our event builder is easy to use and will enable you to design the seat map of your event fast and be ready to sell your seats online.


Have your event report in minutes not days FawryPay reports help you to track all your event details with one click.
These insights will help you understand your customers like never before with an organized dashboard.

Traffic/Referral Report
This is a pie chart showing where your visitors come from across Egypt and how they found your online shop.

Multiple Themes

A variety of professional themes are available for your remarkable event. Choose the look and feel that suits your event with one click and launch a unique one.

Social Media Sharing
Now! Your customers can advertise for you by sharing your event on their social media accounts; with just a click they will enhance your social presence on different channels and witness the power of social media on your business.

FawryPay integrates Google analytics with your e-commerce website to track the success of your online business efficiently. This helps you to grow your business faster by providing simple custom dashboard.

Domain Link

Link you own unique domain name to your shop.