Online Store

Your Fast, Reliable and Easy solution to start selling online

Are you a small business and not capable of developing a website?

FawryPay gives you the chance to build your own e-commerce website in few minutes; the luxury of choosing among various themes and owning your own domain are only available FawryPay online store solutions.

Inventory Management

FawryPay helps you to manage and keep track of your inventory, it notifies you before you run out of stock and to avoid overstock and outages.

  • Product Alternatives
  • Present different sizes, colors and materials of the products with a specific price for each.
  • Product organization
  • Automatically arrange products according to their category, price, season, sale, etc.
  • Multiple Images
  • Products are presented from different angles to help your customers watch them clearly.


With FawryPay online store advanced reports, you can keep track of your shop's profit and best-selling items.
They are easy to use and will update automatically when orders come through your shop.

Real-Time Shop report statistics are available in real time on FawryPay online store where you can monitor your sales, orders, and traffic helps you take the right decisions for your business.

Traffic/Referral Report This is a pie chart showing where your visitors come from across Egypt and how they found your online shop.

Multiple Themes

Choose a stunning template for your online shop Choose from a wide range of beautiful templates that uniquely present or e-commerce website in an attractive style.

You can easily customize your chosen theme by using FawryPay intuitive settings, this enables you to customize every single facet of your storefront.

FawryPay integrates Google Analytics with your e-commerce website to track the success of your online business efficiently.
This helps you to grow your business faster by providing simple custom dashboard.

Domain Link

Link you own unique domain name to your shop.