Shipment Management

Shipment Management

In today's fast-paced shopping world, consumers demand fast delivery services. FawryPay’s shipment management helps you keep cost down while providing accurate speedy delivery with the help of new technological advances.
We integrated with the top and biggest couriers companies to facilitate the business to our merchants.
Merchants are no more in need to communicate with couriers, FawryPay can help you increase your sales by reaching and delivering the products to your customers across Egypt.

Helps in optimizing inventory and order fulfillment

No delays or extra fees

Saves time and prevents errors

Enhances control over shipment operations

Drop Off Location

Merchants Can Now Drop Off Items at Fawry Plus Stores

We make it easier for our members merchants to sell their stuff by dropping it off at more than 300 branches across Egypt; where customers can pick it up and even pay at any of Fawry Plus branches.

Win Your Customers by Making their Shopping Experience Easy and Flexible

Consider Fawry Plus your own franchise and facilitate the pickup process to all your customers. We also update our sellers by every purchase and transaction.